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    March 23, 2013
    1:05 - 1:40am PDT  

>> carolyn: it's happening in castro valley. live picture shows you where a parolee was sh by alameda
county sheriff's deputies. >> after the man called 911 saying she was acting erratically the man called 911 and threatened to kill deputies when they arrived. this was pointing at deputies, a pipe. the man is in surgery right now. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> carolyn: we're following developing news in san jose where police are still looking for a killer armed with a knife. >> dan: he stabbed a woman to death a few blocks from the santa clara county sheriff's office and the jail. john live on is live on north first street. >> reporter: san jose's tenth homicide of the year took place not far from the santa clara government building. they have ended their door-to-door search and we talked to the young man who tried to save the 29-year-old woman. >> the brutal stabbing happened in broad daylight just after he a the afternoon in a parking lot next to the togo
sachbd witch shop. he was eating there and rushed out to help the woman who was slashed on her neck and arms. >> i held her head up and kept pressure on it. can you give me any name and she couldn't really took. >> he was covered in blood when paramedics arrived. >> it was horrible for her to have to die that way. by me being there it wasn't that bad way he was >> he was doing handy work and had to convince police he was not the killer. real culprit hopped a fence and ran through the neighborhood where they found blood in front of some homes. >> we've been told to stay in our house and with doors and windows locked. >> police went door to door checking dozens of houses, garages and other possible
hiding places. they are trying to figure out what led up to the attack. >> the male suspect basically approached our female victim. we don't know if there was conversation or if they knew each other but during that contact, our male suspect stabbed our female victim multiple times. >> reporter: police have not released the victim's name. that woman whom we talked to she heard police say they do know who they are looking for in this case, but as of this time, they have not made an arrest. >> dan: new at 11:00, a close call for san francisco police officers tonight after a suspected drunk driver almost ran right into them. several officers were called out to an argument on mission street north of interstate 280 when a indictment driver suddenly rammed into -- d.u.i. driver that damaged another car. the woman behind wheel was taken
into custody. >> also new at 11:00, authorities in santa cruz county are looking for a jail inmate that tricked a guard into releasing him. jesse portion ons with a inadvertently released from custody. take a look good look at his face. if you spot him you are asked to call 911 immediately. >> carolyn: weekend is here and it looks like it will be drive one. sandhya patel is here. >> it's a preview of what is to come. we do have clear skies right now. you will notice that the visibility is just terrific from high definition sutro camera looking at downtown san francisco, the city is just sparkling. temperatures is 52 degrees in san francisco. oakland is the same temperature. it is 48 in half moon bay.
we are headed toward a cool start to the weekend and but i'll let you how mild it will end up for the weekend. >> dan: a bay area youth baseball coach accused of molesting a player and secretly videotaping is released from the jail tonight. he surrendered to authorities at 11:00 this morning. investigators say the charges dated back 8 years and there may be more victims. >> carolyn: five students at hayward middle school fell ill today after eating brownies laced with some unknown substance. it happened around 10:30 this morning. five students were evaluated by firefighters. no one had to be taken to the hospital. police tell us they do not know what the brownies were laced with but the school and detectives are investigating. >> dan: there was a special reunion. a 27-year-old man flew in from
vietnam to save his brother's life. he has a rare match as a donor for his five-year-old brother and he hasn't seen his brother since he was adopted years ago. sergio quintana, what remarkable to a story. >> it was great to see them come together at the airport. last year he was diagnosed with a deadly bone marrow disease. it's difficult to find a matched donor base there are not many asians listed in the national bone marrow register so when colin turned out to be a match they had to get him there. >> he doesn't remember the last time he saw his big brother but colin with help from his sister were first to greet him at the airport. he was 14 months old when he was adopted by clear from big smile he still remembers little colin. he lived in a remote community
in vietnam. this is his first flight and first time in united states. he is here because he is a one in a million match as a donor for colin who suffered from applies i can anemia. ash aplastic air people in yeah. >> we are giving him a one chance for a normal life. how do you thank somebody for that. >> the parents kept in contact with his birth family in vietnam but when the five-year-old was diagnosed they were lucky big brother was perfect match. at the airport she shared pictures of the two-year-old son. >> in the process of making arrangements to come here, they learned that his two-year-old was suffering from an infection and needed an operation. they were all too happy to help. >> he is very well after two
months, he went back to school. >> he will be in the u.s. for a month for the bone marrow transplant. process for colin will be much more involved and will take a few months. >> mcfaddens live in carson city nevada and will be in the bay area as they go through the transplant procedure at children's hospital in oakland. >> dan: we wish him well. thank you. donating marrow is rarely as intrusive as it used to be. if you would like to register as a potential donor we have a link on our website. up next, a woman that is allergic to exercise. >> also, close up with the force of nature. two men that were chased by a killer tornado. >> and eye to eye with a great white shark. we'll have the story for you. >> also ahead, there is new
smart phone out there. but is it going to compete in the red hot smart phone market? >> later on jimmy kimmel live. >> tonight we have music from luke bryant and jim jeffries and jessica simpson is pregnant again an
>> dan: what appears to be a meteor shower is lighting up the sky on the east coast. bright flash has been spotted on the eastern seaboard. people from new england to
florida have been tweeting nonstop about the bright flash even folks in canada. watch the left side of the screen captured in baltimore. there it is. a spokesman with the american meteor society says it's consistent with meteor shower. they have been fielding phone calls hundreds every hour for people who saw the light show. >> carolyn: remember blackberry? must have cellphone list is launching a new phone. the buzz is pretty good butwithl staff, jonathan bloom says blackberry is facing an uphill battle. >> university alumni director is hiding something that is not so stylish. >> i have a blackberry and it's embarrassing. >> wrapped in a two-year contract he watched his friends trade up to the newest phones from apple to samsung. >> they usually ask, why do you
still have a blackberry? >> it accounts for 2% of the market and the ceo is determined to change that. >> we are used to competition. we have to innovative. >> after launching in europe, blackberry 10 is now in the u.s. it looks like the touch screen competitors. >> i actually real like it. i think blackberry has done a good job. it feels comfortable. >> jessica was enthusiastic with b the new touch keyboard and slick cancer camera and online show of new apps. >> latest blackberry has all the trappings of smart the question is, is it enough to save the company? >> right now i think they are trying to prove they aren't dead. >> are they? >> they aren't dead yet. >> blackberry has no shortage of former users. >> blackberry wouldn't work in
my own house but this one does. >> what would it take you to win you back? >> i don't know that is possible. they are going they get anybodr iphone or android phone to switch over. >> but blackberry may be a hit with current users and the start of a slow turnaround for the company. >> what would blackberry have to do to keep you when your contract is up? >> they would have to merge with apple. >> dan: new at 11:00, a massive cracked over the use of nitrous oxide. hundreds of police and federal agents raided a dozen auto parted shops. inhaling is a popular way for teenagers to get high quickly but the effects can be fatal. it's used in racing to achieve better engine performance and
also by dentists. >> a ten-year-old boy was crushed to death when a display board fell on him. it hapd in birmingham international. boy and three siblings were looking at 400 board when it dropped on all of them. the rest of the family was taken to the hospital, one of those people in critical condition tonight. an investigation is under way. a great white shark decides to go for the wheel thing. a diver inside the observation cage. the shark stuck his head inside the cage snapping at the diver. man managed to duck out of the shark's reach. >> a gas spill in hawaii between the yachts two of billionaires was cleaned up before any damage. on wednesday, dozens of gallons of gas from a helicopter was
spilled. fuel stayed on the surface and spread a noxious is smell. it went to the yacht of oracle founder larry ellison. emergency crews started to clean it up. >> a woman has a unique allergy, it's to exercise. when she sweats or her heartbeats too fast she gets a potentially fatal reaction. reaction is called exercise induced angioedema but she can't exercise she joined a weight loss group to keep off the pounds. >> new at 11:00, incredible video has emerged as a tornado australian men. look how close they got to the twister. it ripped through the australian countryside. it flung power lines and everything in its path in every
direction. it tore through several homes near the town of victoria. 80 people were injured in the storm. two men recorded the twister were not hurt. that is some tornado. >> dan: on the east coast, this is the time they get a lot of tornadoes. >> they are getting snow. they have winter like weather in some parts of country. first weekend of spring, it's going to feel like it. as we look at live doppler, view from the high definition emeryville camera confirms that as we look across the bay towards san francisco. here is the temperatures, napa, 49 degrees. fairfield, 53, 47 in los gatos. highlights, clear and cool overnight tonight. sunny and mild over the weekend and rain chances have been pushed back. small chance of seeing showers on wednesday looking better the latter part of the workweek. high pressure will be our controlling factor as we head into the weekend and beyond the
weekend. dry pattern into next week as a ridge holds on. what we're going to see overnight is clear skies. no fog to speak of. no clouds until tomorrow afternoon. occasionally see high clouds just filtering our sunshine for our saturday and nice looking day. morning will start out with some chilly conditions. inland valleys, mid to upper 30s. kids have games or early morning plans, 38 degrees in santa rosa. low 40s for vallejo and san mateo and oakland. san jose, 42. 42 degrees in half moon bay. us a check out the highs for your saturday, you will be right around, if not slightly higher than where you should be. i don't think too many people are complaining. 68 in santa cruz. 70 degrees in cupertino. on the peninsula, it's going to be a mix of sun and high
cloudiness, 64 in millbrae. mid to upper 50s along the coast and we're not expecting any fog tomorrow, 55 in half moon bay. coming up by a couple of degrees. daly city, 56 degrees. 62 in downtown san francisco. as we look at the north bay communities, 69 in santa rosa and getting up to 70 degrees in napa. stinson beach, 67. east bay, mid to upper 60s is where we'll end up. 67 in newark. inland communities you see the m here, 70 in san ramon, livermore. 71 degrees in fairfield. accu-weather seven-day forecast, if you are really watching for the weekend, low 70s for saturday and a little warmer on sunday away from the coastline. temperatures will remain on the mild side for the started of the workweek but start to see a dip on tuesday. slight chance of showers on
wednesday and better chance thursday into friday but even then, light shower possibility. "abc 7 news" has a great weather resource for you, live 7 doppler radar, rain or shine. over 800 followers for live doppler 7-hd. carolyn, dan, larry has to keep competing. >> i thought it was a million. [ laughter ] >> let's go into march madness from here. >> and now, they just showed them the door in the ncaa tournament.
part of charm of the ncaa tournament is some little school you couldn't find on map, slaying a giant like florida gulf coast knocking off might think georgetown. it's only been in existence since 1997 and eddie hour ri, yes! florida gulf coast is in fort myers, conner with a slam and lob with authority with a long arm and florida gulf coast with an upset. 78-68. >> ucla crushed by minnesota.
collins with five of the 9 and this would end with joe coleman, one hand attack on the rim. minnesota wins 83-63. >> bob thomasen retiring after 25 years. and do you like those shoes? carolyn? >> i don't know. it reminds me of creamsicle. >> so i asked. >> they will meet illinois next. >> and cal plays their game. 81-34 over montana. they are worried about containing the pack player ofar
year alan crabbe. >> he is a tremendous shooter. one of better shooters in the country and point guard made so many big ays. he made some huge plays. >> in the n.b.a., miami extends their winning streak to 25 and beat the pistons who lost ten in a row. 103-89. >> and the weather outside was friet frightful. will be in scene for costa rica world cup qualifier, played in a massive snowstorm. had to use a yellow and purple ball. u.s. wins 1-nil. >> and abc7 creamsicle sports.
>> and why a famous piece of art have
you might need an extra layer first thing in the morning. light breeze and sunny early. mid-30s to mid 40s and
temperatures at 8:00 a.m. in the 40s. lisa argen will give you full look at the forecast. >> finally tonight a familiar and legendary work of art that has come to define the palace hotel is no more. >> the huge pied piper painting has been taken down and sold at auction. >> sheraton says it's not practical to have the iconic work displayed in such a public area. >> the auction will bring between $3 million to $5 million. >> jimmy kimmel live next. >> and that is our report for now. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. thanks for joining us. "abc 7 news" continues tomorrow morning beginning at 5:00. >> it's going to be a great weekend outside, so enjoy yourself.
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